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Design Process

Specialising in textile and graphic design, creating beautiful and distinctive designs tailored to your individual needs. We’re passionate about working with you through a collaborative process. This includes from initial briefing to the finished product, allowing us to turn your vision and into finalised designs. Whether it’s a single print or a full-scale product range, our goal is to provide unique, high-quality creations that will exceed your expectations!


Research +

The research stage is crucial for gathering information about your design outcomes, design aesthetic, target customer, market trends, materials, print techniques and product manufacturing. By conducting thorough research, we'll ensure that the final design/product meets the needs and expectations of your target customer. If you need help to visualise your ideas, we can create moodboards for you, which is an effective way to visually represent your ideas using images, colours, and textures.


Illustration +


This stage involves bringing your ideas to life by creating unique sketches and motifs. Depending on the key aesthetics established in the research stage, we'll create the elements using digital or hand-drawn techniques. For example watercolour, pencil or gouache, while experimenting with different colours, textures, and shapes. Regardless of the medium, our creative stage is all about using imagination and technical skills to transform your ideas into a beautiful design.




Once we're happy with the illustrations and graphics these we'll use to create working designs. Using CAD software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, we'll create pattern tiles or placements and apply them to product templates to visualise the final outcome. 


Feedback +


We'll keep you updated throughout the process to ensure that the design aligns with the brief. While working revisions can be made to the work, such as adjusting colours, layouts, motifs and elements. The process of feedback and refinement can be repeated multiple times until you are pleased with the outcome!


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